Blower Door Tests - Energy Code Compliance

Building Envelope Leakage - Blower Door


As of July 1, 2017, all new homes require a Blower Door Test to determine the amount of air leakage from the home. We have BPI Certified Professionals and use the latest Retrotec equipment to perform the test and provide you with the documentation required by the local Building Department.

Duct Leakage (Duct Blast) Testing


Whether you are a contractor that requires a duct leakage test for permitting of an install or you‘re a homeowner that would like to determine the amount of conditioned air you are losing through your current ducts... We use the latest Retrotec equipment to perform the appropriate test.  

2017 Florida Energy Conservation Code Compliance


We provide Energy Conservation Code calculations using the latest version of the Florida Building Commission code approved software, EnergyGauge. The software can be used to model various options to enable our clients the most economically efficient combination of home design elements. The modeling can be performed to provide low initial cost or substantial savings over time.

HVAC Design (ACCA Certified)


ACCA Manual J Heating and Cooling load calculations performed, ACCA Manual S used to select FL Code Approved and AHRI paired cooling systems, and ACCA Manual D incorporated to properly size and select air conditioning ducts. We design heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems according to the latest industry standards for new construction and existing homes. Properly sized systems will provide substantial financial savings and extended comfort in homes.